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Byron Lee is originally from Phoenix, AZ but currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. He was born legally blind and considers himself to be a disability advocate. He is involved with many local and national disability organizations. He is also a Ham Radio Operator, Broadcast Personality, Audio Engineer, Voice Over Artist, Web Designer, IT Professional, and all around jack of all trades.

Byron is currently employed by State Services for the Blind.

He does two radio shows on the internet. The Talk Zone is a 1 hour program about adaptive technology, disability rights, science fiction, pop-culture, and just about any other topic. The Fun Zone is a 2 hour program featuring comedy music. His shows are simulcast on The Beyond Radio Network, and Dementia Radio. He has also been involved in other radio shows and podcasts.

Sound Effects are another passion of Byron’s. He has done post-production for several Audio Drama troupes such as Colonial Radio Theatre and Darker Projects. He has also created sound effects at live audio drama performances for organizations such as The Lions Club.

Byron has also done some voice over work for radio stations, descriptive video services for the blind, and educational material. He has produced material for companies like Wolf-FM, WeSeeTV, and Fiedler Productions.

Byron is a Ham Radio Operator, his call-sign is KC9EEK. He obtained his Technician License at the 2003 Dayton Hamvention. He reads for the RAIN Report, Ham Radio’s audio feature magazine.

He is also a lover of comedy, dementia, and novelty music. Anything strange, weird, funny, or just plain bizzare is his thing! Dr. Demento and “Weird Al” Yankovic are his two role models.

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