The Fun Zone for 06/11/2017 – Vaudeville

Hour 1:

Parry Gripp – I Love Bread
Dave and Brian – The War on Gluten
Heywood Banks – Toast
Buckwheat Boyz – Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Carla Ulbrich, featuring Steve Goodie – Dr. Pepper
Robert Lund – I Eat Prunes
“Weird Al” Yankovic – A Complicated Song
“Weird Al” Yankovic – It’s All About The Pentiums
Power Salad – In My Driverless Car
Power Salad – The Album In Its Entirety
Power Salad – I’m Still King Of The Road
Power Salad – The Perfect Parodist (featuring TV’s Kyle & the great Luke Ski)
Power Salad – Smells Like Herb Alpert (featuring Chuck Rickard)
Power Salad – Janice Gorch (A Promposal)
Power Salad – Visigoth Prize Wheel
Power Salad – Slipped Disc
Power Salad – Bingo Smith
Power Salad – Gas Station Disc Jockey
Power Salad – Closing Theme From “The Mr. McPoodle Show” (1967)

Hour 2:

Marc Maron – Vinyl Midlife Crisis
Aerosmith – Big Ten Inch Record
John Hartford – Don’t Leave Your Records in the Sun
Peter L. Batsin – How To Make A Tape Recorder
Guns N. Moses – Radio Shack
David O’Doherty – 2006 by JustForLaughs
AmIRight All Stars – Boob Operation
Bob Rivers – Wrong Foot Amputated
Steve Goodie – Grandpa Got Run Over By a Hybrid
Power Salad – Little Hybrid

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