The Fun Zone for 9/17/2017 – Exercise Till You Die!

This week we talk about Star Trek Discovery and give you a taste of the new theme song, we also talk about The Orville, Dark Matter, and other cool stuff. We also play comedy music such as songs about Diets and Exercise! Tune in and SWEAT TO THE FUNNIES!

Hour 1:

The Firm – Star Trekkin’
William Shatner – I Can’t Get Behind That
Mourning Wood – Talkin’ To Ralph On The Big White Phone
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Liquor Store
Brave Combo – In Heaven There Is No Beer
Robert Lund – 99 Words For Boobs
Steve Goodie – Words That Sound Dirty, But They Ain’t
Shelley Berman – The Morning After The Night Before
Cheech and Chong – TWAT
Guns N’ Moses – We Love Barney Fife
Zot Theater – Mayberry Beret

Hour 2:

The Credibility Gap – Who’s On First
Who – My Generation
The Guess Who – No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature
Yes – Leave It
Calvacade of Stars – God ‘n’ Guns / Jesus H. Crisis & The Holy Guns Of God (Rob Moitoza)
Weird Al Yankovic – Grapefruit Diet
Robert Preston – Chicken Fat
Stevens & Grdnick – Exercise Till You Die
Crotchety Old Man – Exercise Bike
Cirque du So What? – Staying Fat
“Weird Al” Yankovic – I Love Rocky Road
Eddie Murphy – Ice Cream Man
the great Luke Ski – Candybars
Weird Al Yankovic – The White Stuff

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