The Fun Zone for 12/31/2017 – Happy New Year!

This week we celebrate the new year by getting drunk!

Hour 1:

Howard The Duck Soundtrack – Howard The Duck Theme
Weird Al Yankovic – I Want a New Duck
Local Vocal – 90’s Dance Acapella Medley Mix
Alan Gordon – The 90’s Song
Danny Birt – When We Come Out Of The Stargate
Avbyte – Bronies – The Musical
Be More Chill (The Musical) – Michael In The Bathroom
Barenaked Ladies – Grade 9
the great Luke Ski – The Crance
Robert Lund – A Few Resolutions
Scary Gary Alan – New Year’s Resolutions
Mikey Mason – Another New Year
Steve Goodie – Resolution
Devo Spice – On New Year’s Eve
David Allen Coe – Don’t have to Call Me Darlin

Hour 2:

Tim Cavanagh – Get Drunk With Dignity
DisTurbo – What I Like About Booze
Tom T. Hall – I Like Beer
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Liquor Store
Faust & Lewis – Save the Beer
Fireballs – Bottle Of Wine
UB40 – Red Red Wine
Clean Living䐀 – In Heaven There Is No Beer
Psychostick – Beer!
A. C. Ducey – Beer Beer Bottla Beer
Johnny Bond – Ten Little Bottles
Johnny Paycheck – Colorado Cool-Aid
David Frizzell – I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home
Simpsons – Flaming Moe’s
Beer Barrel Polka – Walter Ostenek
Chardon Polka Band – You Can’t Drink Beer In Outer Space
Happy Schnapps Combo – No, I Don’t Wanna Do Dat
Power Salad – Wasted Space Oddity (Drunken Astronauts)

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