The Fun Zone for 01/14/2017 – Weirdest Show Ever

This weeks show went kinda wonky… it all started with Clay from the chat room requesting a Pink Floyd song that had literally NO LYRICS. It fit the theme… sorta… so we played it. It all went down hill from there.

Hour 1:

Woody Guthrie – Mail Myself To You
The Velvet Underground – The Gift
Pink Floyd – Careful With That Axe Eugene
Crazy Jo and the Variable Speed Band – Eugene
Frank Zappa – Titties and Beer (Beeped Version)
Travis Meyer – Devil Went Down to Jamaica
Adam Sandler – “Ode To My Car” Carhorn Version
“Weird Al” Yankovic – Stop Draggin’ My Car Around
Rob Moitoza – One Note Song – The Music Butchers
They Might Be Giants – Kiss Me, Son Of God
Lonely Island – Great Day
Sean Morey – It’s Gonna Be a Bad Day
Power Salad – The Brushing Song

Hour 2:

Brett Glass – Reinstalling Windows
MarsCon 2017 RHPS Cast – Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul)
10cc – Rubber Bullets
Was (Not Was) – Dad I’m In Jail
Wesley Willis – He’s Doing Time in Jail (with the Wesley Willis Fiasco)
Bob and Tom – Prison Bitch (Prisoner of Love)
Stan Ridgway & Stewart Copeland – ‘Don’t Drop The Soap’ with Stan’s intro
Steve Goodie – Endoscope
Denny Brownlee – Colonoscopy
Bowser And Blue – Working Where The Sun Don’t Shine
Tom Green – The Bum Bum Song
Eddie Murphy – Boogie In Your Butt (Album Version)
Samwell – What What, In The Butt
White Noise Radio Theatre – PizzaDude
Lemon Demon – Pizza Heroes
‘Weird Al’ Yankovic – Beat On The Brat

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