The Fun Zone for 01/28/2018 – Porn For The Blind

This week Blaksmith asks a very important question. How do blind people watch porn. Tune into this very special episode of The Fun Zone to find out. You’ll also hear songs about Australia, Viruses, and dirty dirty books like Harry Potter. We also play a couple covers of Weird Al songs.

Hour 1:

coachbombaymusic – Straya
Scared Weird Little Guys – Come To Australia
TheRoundaboutCrew – Australia Day
GZee Productions – What Does The Aussie Say
Men at Work – Down Under
The Holderness Family – My Wife’s On A Healthy Diet
Fatcat Fishface – Vegemite Spread
RobCom – Funny Place Names Song: Australia
Your Favorite Martian – The Stereotypes Song
The Vandals – National Brotherhood Week
Patrick Perdue – Virus
“Weird Al” Yankovic – Virus Alert
Tom Smith – Blue Screen of Death
TV’s Kyle – Tech Support For Dad
Psychostick – Blue Screen

Hour 2:

Avenue Q – The Internet Is For Porn
The Four Postmen – Pornostar
John Mamoser – You’re A Porn Star
Da Vinci’s Notebook – Internet Porn
Tom Lehrer – Smut
The Other Half – Smut
Local Anxiety – Dirty Books
Moxy Fruvous – My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors
Julian Smith – I’m Reading a Book
Monty Python – Bookshop
Mikey Mason – A Hufflepuff (Knocked My House Elf Up)
Robert Lund – You’ve Got Hogwarts
Steve Goodie – Dumbledore
“Weird Al” Yankovic – Hardware Store
Shonen Knife – Eat It
MC Chris – Dare to be Stupid

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