The Fun Zone for 02/11/2018 – Facebook Vinyl

This week we do a live video stream. Facebook probably took it down by now so if you missed it, you suck… no wait that’s not nice! Anyway, this week we played a bunch of vinyl and we did a few mini-themes such as Facebook, Geeky Girls, and Remixes. That and more right here on The Fun Zone!

Hour 1:

Rhett and Link – Facebook Song
Your Favorite Martian – Grandma Got A Facebook
Power Salad – The No No Facebook App App Song Song
Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Robert Lund – I Got Crabs From Darth Vader
Insane Ian – Doctor Who
Voltiare – Bitrekual
Voltaire – Sexy Data Tango
Ookla the Mok – Mr. Worf (Demo)
Mikey Mason – She Don’t Like Firefly
Possible Oscar – Talk Nerdy To Me
Monty Python – Sit on my Face
Monty Python – Announcement
Monty Python – Henry Kissinger
Monty Python – String

Hour 2:

Rolf Harris – The Court of King Caractacus
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Bertha Butt Boogie
Big Daddy – Baby Got Back
Scooter Picnic – Fangirls, Shake That Booty!
Library Bards – Geeky Girl
Boris Badenough – Hey Rocky!
EHAB – Surely You Can’t Be Serious (Radio Edit)
Oooh! Don’t Touch That – Laszlo & Gary
Dick Heads by Steve Goodie
Dr. Dave – Vanna Pick me a Letter
Bryant Oden – The Duck Song
Brak – I Like Hubcaps
Brak – Institutionalized
Gummibear – I’m Your Gummibear

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